Board member Brad Summers and his wife Marty and moved to Leavenworth in 2009. They have 5 children and 14 grandchildren. Brad was a pilot for the US Air Force and Alaska Airlines. Brad is committed to doing his best to preserve the Cascade Orchard Irrigation Company system.

Board member Jackie Camp and his wife Loretta moved from Irving, Texas in ’77, and opened Leavenworth Auto Center in ’81. Retiring in ’93, Jackie is now a “jack of all trades” and feels blessed to live in Leavenworth.

President Dan Wilkinson grows organic U-pick vegetables, blueberries and flowers for cutting. In addition he and his wife Becky offer eggs for sale from their ranch on Icicle Road.

Fifty-eight year p.

Treasurer Ardie Gordon is retired from the law and works with Cascade Accounting Service who handles the bookkeeping for the company.   

Vice President Norm Stoddard has lived on Shore Street for 30 years. He uses an irrigation system

for lawn, garden and field which supports two horses. Norm received a B.S. from WSU and is

retired from the timber industry.

General counsel Tom Janisch is an experienced lawyer and has actively practiced law in Chelan County since 1986.   

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